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Resume's are racist

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Resume's are racist. You read that right. This-is-not-a-typo. So...let me give you the backstory on how I came to this conclusion. Like anyone seeking new opportunities I was tasked today with revamping my resume. Directing gigs have been a bit sparse lately, so naturally it is time to swap that hat out for my Producer hat. A tedious little hat I've worn for at least ten years. I've been fortunate enough to get producing gigs solely on referrals, but I'm looking to increase my income this year, so I had to dust off my 2011 resume and get with the times, which included throwing out my hard stock paper, because who actually prints a resume anymore. I don't even think I've had ink in my printer for the last two years. By the way, if you were offended that I threw out perfectly good paper, I really didn't. But it made me sound like a resume rebel, which I like, so let's go with it.

After I get everything else done I finally sit down around 3p today and google "best modern resumes" and a few other search terms. Let's just say there's no lack of resume advice givers out there. After reading several blogs and stalking a few other producer's resumes, I felt ready to tackle it. I mean so much has changed. People are adding graphics, art, loads of color, and gasp, a photograph of themselves. What? Why would anyone ever want to include a photo on a resume, well, if you're not an actor. I couldn't help but think this whole new wave of adding photographs must have been the brain child of a narcissist or better yet a racist. What better way to weed out the so called "undesirable" candidates aka the black and brown people. I've benefitted from having a pretty average un-ethnic name all my life, which was very evident in past interviews where prospective employers were not so subtly shocked when they saw this caramelly skin. A little privilege I know but stay focused. Back to the present, technically earlier today so it's still the past, ugh, nevermind. As I'm scrolling through Canva looking at resume styles I can't help but notice that all the infographic resumes with photos are all white people. Well duh! I'm not about to get caught slipping and lose my un-ethnic name privilege. They must think I'ma fall for the okey doke.

Fast forward four hours later and I'm completely engulfed with all the different designs I can do with my resume. I also learned to use word jumble generators to stick the most used words from a job post into my profile summary. Apparently computer bots scan through resumes and discard 75% of them if they don't have the buzzwords the employer is looking for. Word of advice stop using the easy apply button. Your resume is more than likely going to the Hades of the internet. At this point I'm pretty happy with my new colorful resume outfitted with color blocking, Owww! However the top left hand corner is looking lonely and my fingers refuse to make a pdf already. To my surprise I really want to add my photo or quite possibly a photo of someone else but I keep it 100 and decide not to catfish. So...yeh...I ended up with a fabulously styled resume including my photo. I still think modern resume's are racist but so is 'merikah so I'll be just fine.

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