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My Love Is Like The Wind

I was going through some old boxes today looking for my college diploma and two things struck me. One, I used to be so smart. Ya girl got 6 college credits from Cornell University when I was still in high school. While other kids were off getting tanned or just wasting away their summer, I was in summer college in the beautiful town of Ithaca, NY at the ripe age of 16. Two, I had a lot of admirers back in my teenage years and the love letters to prove it. Letters, now that's a lost concept. I miss writing hand written letters and receiving them. I didn't find my diploma but in this box were tons of letters. Twenty year old letters to be exact. Some from friends and family, and the rest from none other than my old boyfriends. Each and everyone of them either made me laugh hysterically or get emotional. Like do boys even write girls they like nice mushy stuff anymore? I'm guessing no one actually writes on a piece of paper but how else do you tell someone you've been crushing on them if you don't have the guts to say it to their face? I honestly don't know what the kids are doing these days, but now I'm dying to find out.

I didn't read every single letter because there were just too many. I'm sure I'll read some more tomorrow or whenever I need a pick me up. I might even just add a "Love Letter" category and write about each letter because this comedy deserves to be shared.

The first letter I pulled out the stash was a three month anniversary gift; half letter half poem. Only in high school does one celebrate a three month anniversary, because three months seems like an eternity when all you're doing is late night phone talking, holding hands on the bus, and sneaking in kisses in an alley. I promise it felt way more romantic back then. It was all sweet and semi poetic until I got to the line that literally made me roll on the floor laughing. Times like these I wish I had carpet in the bedroom instead of hard wood floors. I'm lying I hate carpet. But I digress, please read this out loud. "My love for you is like the wind, you might can't feel it, but it's there." Um hellllo what does that even mean? First of all homie, I can definitely feel the wind. Someone clearly couldn't differentiate between wind and air. Second, why would you compare your love for me to something I can't feel or see? I'm sure he thought it was sweet and I hope to God that I didn't. All jokes aside, he was definitely a sweet guy. I don't quite remember how our relationship ended he was a senior and I was a few years younger so I'm sure he went off to college and I was onto the next.

For your reading pleasure...

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