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Picture me rollin’

Picture me rollin’ in my 500 Benz. Ahhh yes I remember the days of bumpin' Pac and picturing myself flossin' in a fancy car. Those were the days when I thought fancy things led to happiness. These days I’m not looking to spend $100k on a car, well imaginarily spend $100k on a car. I say all this to say, have you ever noticed how the poorest of poor or simply the people living extremely simple lives are so happy? Generally, I find this to be true in third world countries. I'm from Jamaica, by the way, if you haven't read my bio. It's just that America has this way of making you feel like you don't have enough or haven't accomplished enough. Work work work work to buy that Benz, the house that you can't quite afford, the designer clothes that no one but you cares about, that thousand dollar hair weave...I mean you get the point. It's even worse with social media these days with everyone sharing their best curated life or frontin' for the gram. You may actually have the perfect life already that you've dreamt of. But spend a few minutes on Instagram and all of a sudden you're feeling like a failure because you fly commercial instead of private or complaining that you didn't get invited to Oprah's Sunday brunch. Okay I admit that may have only been me. I've had dreams, like literal dreams, of being friends with Oprah for many years. So imagine my disappointment when I saw she had a party at the crib and your girl wasn't invited. Salty. But I decree and declare that Oprah will meet me this year and I'ma be up in that Montecito crib like whaddup O, where Stead at! The point here is that happiness comes from within. Cliche, but it's so true. Happiness is a choice, no matter what our circumstances are we can either simply choose to be happy or pissed off at the world, and everyone in it. Well, today I choose happiness from here on out.

Side note I've never had a car, like ever in my life, but my dad is giving me his old one. So just picture me rollin' in a Nissan Maxima. Doesn't have the same ring to it as a 500 Benz, but I'll take it!

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